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About the Registration and Census Districts

The Unions of parishes, established by the Poor Law Commissioners under the 1835 Act of Parliament, became registration districts with the introduction of civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in 1837, so superseding the medieval division of the county and even breaking with the ancient county boundaries. Only the Huntingdon Registration District lay wholly within the county; the other districts of St. Ives and St. Neots in their Registration County contained substantial parts of Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, and much of the county falling in the Peterborough Registration District.

Finally, several parishes on the north-western edge were assigned to Thrapston, Oundle and Stamford Registration Districts, and others on the south-eastern edge to the Cambridgeshire Registration District of Caxton.

Registration and Census Districts 1837-1930.

The list below shows the civil registration districts in the county of Huntingdon (Huntingdonshire), including the Soke of Peterborough, between 1st July 1837 and 31st March 1974. The same districts were used to compile the censuses returns for the years 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901.

The Districts

GRO Volumes
Period of existence
XIV, 3b Caxton 1st July 1837 to 1st April 1935
XIV, 3b, 4B Huntingdon 1st July 1837 to present
3b, 4B Huntingdonshire, North 1sr January 1934 to 1st January 1968
XV, 3b, 3B Oundle 1st July 1837 to 1st April 1974
XIV, 3b, 3B Peterborough 1st July 1937 to present
XIV, 3b, 4B St. Ives 1st July 1837n to 1st January 1968
XIV, 3b, 4B St. Neots 1st July 1837 to 1st April 1970
XIV, 7a, 3B Stamford 1st July 1837 to present
XV, 3b, 3B Thrapston 1st July 1837 to 1st April 1974

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