Dry Drayton 2000

Dry Drayton is a parish in Cambridgeshire, England, situated about seven miles West of the University City of Cambridge and astride the Greenwich Meridian. Dry Drayton 2000 is a group established to celebrate the unique local nature of this parish and its community in the Millennium year.


The group has produced a stunning book on the history and natural history of the Parish. The book is entitled Gallows Piece to Bee Garden, reflecting earlier place-names from the northern and southern ends of the Parish. The book covers landscape and agricultural history, highways, Church and Chapel, incumbents and ministers, the school, land tenure, buildings, law and order, leisure, 20th century memories, inns and a large section on local wildlife. Dry Drayton is fortunate in that there is an earlier published history of the Parish (F.A.Walker, A History of the Parish of Dry Drayton, London 1876) and this book builds on the earlier history. The book is in paperback 182 pp and is available for 9.95 plus post and package. It is a must for anyone with relations or ancestors from the Parish (or from Bar Hill which was built within the former Dry Drayton Parish).

The group has also produced a superb Parish Map of Dry Drayton. The map is in A1 format (23.5 x 33 in). It is in full colour and shows all roads, footpaths and fields in the Parish and is illustrated with insets of the main buildings in the Parish and various fauna, flora and texts. The price of the map is 3.95 plus post and package.

Both the map and the book are available from the following:

Rosemary Gardiner, Tel 01954 780679 HoneyHillC@aol.com

Les Waters, Tel 01954 781036 lwaters@lookout.demon.co.uk

Dry Drayton 2000 has been generously supported by the Millennium Festival Awards for All Scheme, Dry Drayton Parish Council and Dry Drayton School and Village Association. The group is currently working on maps and leaflets on footpaths in the parish and a series of walks based on the village.