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Cambridgeshire Regiment - Chronological History

1860-1872 The Cambridgeshire Rifle Volunteer Corps:
1st Cambridgeshire; 2nd, Wisbech; 3rd, Cambridge Univeristy; 4th, Whittlesey
5th, March; 6th, Ely; 7th. Upwell (disbanded 1872); 8th, Cambridge;
9th, Newmarket; 10th, Soham (disbanded 1865)
1872-1880 1st Administrative Battalion Cambridgeshire Rifle Volunteers
1880-1887 1st Cambridgeshire Battalion Rifle Volunteer Corps
1887-1908 3rd (Cambridgeshire) Volunteer Battalion The Suffolk Regiment
1908-1914 1st Battalion The Cambridgeshire Regiment (TF)
1914-1919 The Cambridgeshire Regiment (TF):
1/1st Battalion; 2/1st Battalion (disbanded 1918); 3/1st Battalion - 1915-1917; 4/1st Battalion - 1915-1917; The Depot
1920-1945 The Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA)
1st Battalion;
2nd Battalion - raised 1939
1947-1955 629 (The Cambridgeshire Regiment) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA (TA)
1955-1956 629 (The Cambridgeshire Regiment) Parachute Light Regiment RA (TA)
1956-1961 1st Battalion The Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA)
1961-1971 The Suffolk & Cambridgeshire Regiment (TF)
1971-1992 D (Cambridgeshire) Company, 6th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment
1992-1995 D (Cambridgeshire) Company, 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment
1995 onwards D (Cambridgeshire) Company, 6th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment
Note:  The forerunner of The Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA), the 30th Foot (Cambridgeshire) had its origin in 1702 and served with distinction in most campaigns of the 18th and 19th centuries until 1881 when it became 1st Battalion The East Lancashire Regiment, now the Queen's Lancashire Regiment. There were also Volunteer Corps in the County during the Napoleonic Wars. Not withstanding these points, the continuous history of the Regiment begins in 1860.


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