Table of Actions

30th Foot (Cambridgeshire) 1701-1881
1702-13 Peninsula
1704 & 1727 Gibraltar
1705 Barcelona
1759 Cherbourg
1775-1782 North America
1793 Toulon
1794 Corsica
1800 Malta
1801 Egypt
1808-1814 Peninsular
1815 Waterloo
1854 Alma
1854 Inkerman
1855 Redan
1855 Sevastopol
The Cambridgeshire Regiment
1900-1901 South Africa
1915-1917 Ypres
1915-1918 France & Flanders
1916-1918 Somme
1916 Ancre
1918 Albert
1918 Bapaume
1940-45 Singapore
1942 Malaya

There is a site that provides information on all formations - battalions, brigades, divisions etc, including the Cambs Rgt, who were in the 27th, 39th and 12th Divs in the First World War.

Second World War

18th Division - Order of Battle

Officer commanding: Major-General M B Beckworth-Smith.

Royal Artillery: 88th, 118th, 135th & 148th Field Rgts, 85th & 125th Anti-Tank Rgts.

Royal Engineers: 287, 288 & 560 Field Coys, 251 Field Park Coy.

Royal Army Service Corps: Headquarters, 53rd, 54th, & 55th Brigade Group Coys; 18th Division Troops Coy, 16th Mobile Bath Unit.

Royal Army Ordance Corps: 18th Division Ordnance Workshops, 18th Division Field Park.

Royal Army Medical Corps: 186th, 197th & 198th Field Ambulances.

53rd Infantry Brigade: Brigadier C L Duke
5th Royal Norfolk Rgt, 6th Royal Norfolk Rgt, 2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt.

54th Infantry Brigade: Brigadier E H W Backhouse
4th Royal Norfolk Rgt, 4th Suffolk Rgt, 5th Suffolk Rgt.

55th Infantry Brigade: Brigadier T H Massey-Beresford
5th Beds and Herts Rgt, 1/5th Sherwood Foresters, 1st Cambridgeshire Rgt.

18th Divisional Troops

9th Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

Recce Corps (5th Loyals).


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